Sublime Inner Life

What I'm doing now...

June 2020

  • Composing a string quartet based on a few lines from the Anand Sahib
  • I'm really excited to discover that the Thinking Allowed program still exists and there's a new version. Am watching so many great interviews with Gary Lachman, particularly this one on Colin Wilson.
  • Bird watching sparrows, finches, and juncos, from my patio and trying not to let the pigeons eat up everything.
  • Going on long walks up to 10 or 15 miles. Exploring new places in my city while taking pictures and listening to music.
  • Listening to the music of Krishna Das, Lambert, Sebastian Plano, Bad Snacks, and looking forward to the upcoming new album by Bing & Ruth
  • After discovering Krishna Das in March 2020 and then also Nina Rao, I've been chanting the Hanuman Chalisa as part of my daily spiritual practice.
  • Books I've been reading:
  • I removed myself from most of social media so I can focus more on my personal goals and spiritual life. I deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts and usually deactivate my Facebook account for weeks or months at a time. Most of what I see on social media is very emotionally reactive or toxic and not worth getting sucked into with either my time or energy.

Feeling slow like this snail but trying to make steady progress with my goals.

This page was inspired by the Now page of Derek Sivers.